Technology is transforming healthcare and faster than ever. Using innovative technological solutions as part of a changing healthcare industry offers many new opportunities, both socially and economically. However, new ways to improve healthcare, new business models, are not being utilized often enough. This is due to limitations such as a fragmented industry and market, ignorance, or lack of knowledge concerning new technology and opportunities.

    To help you over the threshold, ICT&health has founded the Innovation Partners Group. Its purpose is to clear away obstructions and upscale innovative technological solutions for the healthcare industry. Within the group we bring together experts from all fields: healthcare industry, governments and administrations, and the corporate world. Supported by the editorial board, they share their knowledge and insights on a transforming healthcare, and help form new partnerships.

    We aspire to bring together within the Innovation Partners Group one of the top player from each discipline or field of knowledge within the wider healthcare ecosystem. Would you like to be an member to? Email us at:


    • Gartner Consulting assists organizations in maximizing return on their technology investment. Our solutions enable clients to achieve new ways of engaging consumers and delivering care while improving time to market and driving efficiencies. We help you meet your patients' and customers' needs while achieving your business goals by aligning IT investment with your organization's strategic initiatives.

    • Hewlett Packard has shown itself to be a worldwide innovative company, investing heavily in R&D, for 75 years. Innovation is a daily process for us. Our company is designed to help and support each organisation, regardless of size, in their transition to reliable IT systems, both now and in the future.

    • KPN Dutch operator and ICT service provider has the ambition to bring the entire healthcare ecosystem to the next level, be it hospitals and nursing homes, or general practitioners and insurance companies.

    • Radboudumc REshape Center for Innovation, uses innovative products and services to help patients become the director of their own care.


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    You will keep your finger on the pulse of your target audience. Among our readers and visitors we count members of boards of directors, medical specialists, care specialists, ICT experts, government officials and practical experts. In short, the people who decide and influence the decision-making processes. People you want to reach as a research institute, service provider, or technical solutions provider.


    As Innovation Partner you are part of the comprehensive network ICT&health has to offer. We believe it’s important to connect Innovation Partners with each other and with their target groups and audiences.


    We distribute your knowledge and solutions through several media channels and give them the attention they deserve. Both online and offline, advertising are an integral part of the partnership, without additional costs.

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    Members of the Innovation Partners Group are the experts on the cutting edge of technology and healthcare. They share their visions, experiences and solutions with the ICT&health audience in order to improve healthcare as a whole. All content is created in collaboration with the ICT&health editorial team, and brought to the attention of our readers and visitors in each magazine and on our website.

    Sharing knowledge

    Ever since its inception, ICT&health has been a leading player. ICT&health is the only platform that covers and informs the healthcare industry and wider ecosystem in such a dedicated way from practical experience. Our editorial board is comprised of a network of experts, physicians and innovation and thought leaders that transcends borders. The editorial board guarantees the quality of the information and expertise that the Innovation Partners wish to share.

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