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Better care

The healthcare industry — providers, payers, life science corporations and governmental organizations — is deploying technology to transform customer engagement, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, improve clinical outcomes and drive business results. Next-generation healthcare, and the digital technology, innovations and science that supports it, improves care delivery, creates new ways to deliver care, enables population health management and supports advancements in genomics and personalized medicine. While Governments are promoting new forms of healthcare and the transformation to give patients more say in the way they receive healthcare.

Insights and overview

Questions arise with changes. Do we understand the true impact and benefits that technology and other innovations bring to bear? How can governments keep healthcare affordable with an aging population? What kind of innovations are heading our way and how can they be put to use in the best possible way? What are the legal and privacy boundaries and how do we take care of the financial aspects? Just some of the questions health professionals and managers need answered. ICT&health asks these and many more questions and gets answers.

Editorial board

All content, both online and offline, are compiled in collaboration with international specialists that our editorial board consists of – Medical specialists, Doctors, physicians, scientists, patients, government officials and innovation leaders. ICT&health is also the only leading magazine in its field that combines views and experience from both medical experts and patients.

ICT&health international is the homepage for healthcare leaders and professionals. A knowledge platform with an international audience that encompasses boards of directors, healthcare professionals, health institutions, patients, developers, policymakers, insurers, investors, regional ecosystems and financial institutions.

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